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IIT Backup and Continuity

Our backup solution is customizable to any environment. With our Image-based backup solution we can have you back up and running after a crash in hours, not days. Computer crashes will cost you time and money in lost productivity. Why not minimize the down-time with our proven, managed backup solution?

Imaged-Based backups mean that we capture every 1 and 0 of data on your computer's drive(s). Once the initial capture takes place, we then keep backing up any changes which are called incremental backups. Those are then folded into a "chain" of sorts that keeps the image of your machine. These image based incremental backups allow us the possiblity of restoring your computer to repaired or new hardware and even the possiblity of booting the image as a computer which you can access.

For a business with around ten employess it can cost up to $30,000 per day to be down from a server outage.

How It Works

First we meet in person or via conference call to discover what your business needs for backup. Once your needs are determined we go to work customizing a plan for your business. If you require high availability, we implement a plan for both local and off-site storage that allows you to get access to your critical data and applications using a BDR (backup and disaster recovery) device. These powerful devices not only serve to back up your environment, but in the case of a hardware failure can be used to boot an image of your backup for you company to immediately access. We also have the ability, should the need arise, to boot your computer image in the cloud and tie it back to your location using a VPN solution. Your machine would then be locally available in much the same way it was before the failure. If your needs are less pressing, we can set up an external drive in your office along with a laptop that will do the work of backing up your office. That external drive and laptop would be provided by IIT at no cost with a three year contract.

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How We Are Different and
How We Will Save You From Ransomware

"All you can eat" services like Carbonite are great if you only have a small amount of data or don't need ready access to your backed up files. One of the ways that we are different is that we keep a local AND an off-site copy of your data. Can't get to the Internet? Your data is safely stored on a drive in your environment. Local drive gets hit by Ransomware? We can restore from the cloud.

Another way we are different is our speed of recovery. Carbonite restorations are predicated on your Internet connection. Depending on the speed from your ISP, you may need days or weeks to fully restore files from Carbointe. With our service, it's finished usually within a few hours. Also, if your hardware dies, we may be able to take your backed up image and restore it to new hardware and it will look just like it did before the failure. Carbointe and programs like it are file based backups. Only your data is backed up and sometimes, not even everything you would assume is backed up. For instance, video files and certain other file types and sizes are ommited from the "out of the box" Carbonite routine. That means no program files or system files, which could be critical to your operation. With Carbointe, you'd have to have Windows already running on the new or repaired hardware and still have to re-install all of your programs

Finally, and this is the biggest key to our service, we check your backups every single day. With a service like Carbonite it can be difficult to figure out if what you need is getting backed up. With us you can sleep easy knowing we are keeping a close eye on your critical infrastructure.

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Client Access Portal What our clients say...

I was complaining to a vendor about how it was impossible to find good IT Support from someone who not only knows their stuff technically, but can provide sound advice on what our office needs and explain things to me in way that won?t make me feel like an idiot. The vendor said ?Boy do I have the guy for you!? Enter Integrative IT. I can't tell you how nice it not having to dread those calls for IT Support. Now I actually look forward to it!

I have enjoyed my experience working with Integrative IT. They have great response time when I have a problem. I love that they can access my computer remotely with minimal interruption to work in my office. They take the time to explain to me what is happening, what I need, and how I can make the best use of the system I have. Their help keeps my office running smoothly, at a price that works for my budget. Thanks Integrative IT!

The staff at Integrative IT did an excellent job upgrading our computer system and gave us great advice concerning our security issues. They always respond promptly to our requests, are very personable and easy to understand.