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Worry-Free Workplace ™

At Integrative IT, we believe our clients deserve the same level of service they would receive from their own in-house IT department. In fact, that's a principle of the way we run our business. Taking this approach, we can deal with most problems proactively before they appear. As a result, your workplace runs smoothly and without concern about IT problems.

With a Worry-Free Workplace™, you can also expect:

The Worry-Free Workplace™ includes six basic elements.

1. 24x7 Monitoring and Alerting

Our industry leading Remote Monitoring and Management platform keeps a steady watch on all of your technology assets. If a problem arises, customized alerts notify us and we respond quickly. Typically, we can fix 85 percent of problems remotely even before they occur.

2. Asset Management

We automate the tracking of hardware, software licenses, third-party services, and manufacturer’s warranties. Consequently, systems remain compliant and your business runs smoothly. You'll also maximize the value of your IT investments.

3. Security Assurance

Safeguard your network security. The Worry-Free Workplace includes firewall monitoring and management, plus measures to control spam and malware. To protect data integrity and availability, we can also establish data encryption (on supported systems), as well as SSAE 16-compliant data backup and disaster recovery options.

Learn more about our data backup and recovery solutions.

4. Desktop, Server and Network Management

Our support agreements include:

We use sophisticated remote monitoring and management tools to keep track of your computers, servers, mobile devices and network hardware.If a problem occurs, we respond quickly to address it without disrupting the operation of your business.

Learn more about desktop and server support.

5. Reporting

Integrative IT clients receive monthly, at-a-glance reports on network performance and security status.

6. Quarterly Business Reviews

Every three months, a Integrative IT senior engineer and account manager provide an onsite review and analysis of your IT assets. We will also assist you with budget forecasting, IT project management and recommendations to optimize your IT investment.




Client Access Portal What our clients say...

I was complaining to a vendor about how it was impossible to find good IT Support from someone who not only knows their stuff technically, but can provide sound advice on what our office needs and explain things to me in way that won?t make me feel like an idiot. The vendor said ?Boy do I have the guy for you!? Enter Integrative IT. I can't tell you how nice it not having to dread those calls for IT Support. Now I actually look forward to it!

I have enjoyed my experience working with Integrative IT. They have great response time when I have a problem. I love that they can access my computer remotely with minimal interruption to work in my office. They take the time to explain to me what is happening, what I need, and how I can make the best use of the system I have. Their help keeps my office running smoothly, at a price that works for my budget. Thanks Integrative IT!

The staff at Integrative IT did an excellent job upgrading our computer system and gave us great advice concerning our security issues. They always respond promptly to our requests, are very personable and easy to understand.