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Microsoft Exchange Server

With more than eight years of custom IT solution experience, Integrative IT can make Microsoft Exchange work for you � efficiently and cost-effectively.Contact us now.

Here are some features of Microsoft Exchange Server.

Anywhere Access

Whether you�re at your office computer, entering an appointment on a mobile device or using your laptop in a hotel room, Microsoft Exchange will keep all of communication information seamlessly synced with the most recent versions of your email conversations, your calendars, and your contacts and task lists. When appropriate, you can also securely provide access to company-wide data, such as contact lists and team member�s calendars. You can even share appropriate information with your external business partners. Additionally, Microsoft Exchange provides a browser-based experience that allows the same secure Outlook experience you get on your computer from any Internet-connected computer in the world.

Mobile Integration

With Exchange 2010, your traditional voice mail system can be replaced with a unified, cost-saving solution that integrates with your core communication platform. Voice mail can be sent to each user�s email inbox, allowing them to manage their voice mail even when they are away from their desk. Other features include:

Protection and Email Retention

Exchange 2010 provides built in email archiving, granular multi-mailbox search, and item-level retention policies. In plain language: you can easily set up detailed policies for email retention, archiving and when you need to find something. Exchange Server pretty much does the searching for you, automatically.

SPAM Control and Information Protection

Microsoft Exchange 2010 has built-in Information Protection and Control support so you can encrypt sensitive emails, as well as moderate and block inappropriate content based on specific parameters. It protects your information and customers as it keeps spammers at bay.

Key functionality enables you to:

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I was complaining to a vendor about how it was impossible to find good IT Support from someone who not only knows their stuff technically, but can provide sound advice on what our office needs and explain things to me in way that won?t make me feel like an idiot. The vendor said ?Boy do I have the guy for you!? Enter Integrative IT. I can't tell you how nice it not having to dread those calls for IT Support. Now I actually look forward to it!

I have enjoyed my experience working with Integrative IT. They have great response time when I have a problem. I love that they can access my computer remotely with minimal interruption to work in my office. They take the time to explain to me what is happening, what I need, and how I can make the best use of the system I have. Their help keeps my office running smoothly, at a price that works for my budget. Thanks Integrative IT!

The staff at Integrative IT did an excellent job upgrading our computer system and gave us great advice concerning our security issues. They always respond promptly to our requests, are very personable and easy to understand.